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How we help Buyers make supplier payments.

eDeposit Buyer Flow


Don’t you ever wish there was one more day in the week? 25 hours in a day instead of 24? A way to be in two (or three, or four) places at once? Time is something we could all use more of — and eDeposit offers you a free way to save your time.

  • Pay anywhere technology lets you pay your suppliers from any location
  • Time-saving web and mobile access to make payments and view payment history
  • Easily transfer money in or out of  your eDeposit account from your bank account
  • Secure and private – eDeposit accounts are FDIC insured accounts and PCI compliant so your financial information is always safe

Free eDeposit gives you peace of mind when engaging in transactions with suppliers. Also ideal for instances when you need to make secure payments on delivery (SPOD)SM. We currently serve the following industries:

  • Grocery & Convenience stores
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Renters
  • Automotive shops
  • Auction bidders


eDeposit’s free service guarantees real-time payments and provides unmatched security for your money — all in a convenient web and mobile-based service.